Senate passes a bill to delay the implementation of HIPAA transaction and code set standards

On Tuesday, November 27, 2001,  the US Senate passed by unanimous consent S. 1684, a clean bill to delay the implementation of the transaction and code set standards for one year until October 16, 2003. The bill also states that nothing in the bill affects the implementation of the HIPAA privacy regulation.

The House is still trying to move its bill, H. R. 3323 introduced by Dave Hobson. The House and Senate staff are expected to meet Friday to discuss how they can reconcile the differences between the two very different bills.

How Senate staff and the House staff are going to do this is not easy. There will definitely be disagreement over the substance. And it is not yet clear that they agree on the process they will follow to arrive at a single bill that passes both the Senate and the House.

The goal of both the House and Senate supporters of "delay" is to pass the Senate and the House by the end of this session of Congress. That could be as soon as December 7th. Or as late as December 21.

Posted to HIPAAcomply 11/28/01